The new Rifftone M5 5.8GHz Wireless Guitar System
Freedom to move for the price of a stomp box! 
There are many systems on the market, but most are running at 2.4GHz.
While some work pretty well, there can be a little (or a lot) of interference in their signal.
The new Rifftone M5 features 5.8GHz which in running, seems to be virtually dead quiet.

Compact and offers a 220 degree swivel jack that can reach into almost any model guitar or jack configuration.

So put away your old 2.4Ghz and get yourself the latest greatest uninterrupted 5.8Ghz.

Also, there are 4 separate band channels should the assigned band become crowded or noisy for any reason. 

5.8GHz band for less interference and dropouts compared to
other wireless units.
Flexible jack fits most guitars and fits "snugly" next to the guitar body, so no clips against a wall by mistake. 
220° swivel to obtain the perfect fit for your guitar collection.
Separate LEDs for power and signal levels.
Long lasting lithium ion rechargeable battery.
Four channels to select from.
Long-range performance...... (up to 160 feet)


RF Power 7dBm
THD + Noise <0.05% (1KHz @ -10dbFS)
SNR 96dB
Operating Band 5.8GHz ISM Worldwide
Sample Rate 24bit/48KHz uncompressed digital
Latency <5ms
Range* >50M (160ft)
Frequency Response 20-20K Hz +1dB/-3dB
Operating Temperature -10C to +50C
*Actual range dependent on working conditions, reflections,
interference and absorption.
Stacks up against the Xvive U2 and any other wireless in it's price range- and all at a BETTER price.

Freedom from the Cable. Freedom from the Noise. 

Rifftone: "Switch on the Inspiration" 

Grab a set today !!