This is the new RT-12  Guitar Effect Pedals Power Supply 


With FULLY Isolated and regulated outputs!!

The new Performer 2 features a sleeker casing that accommodates better pedal board placement. Unit will fit under most Pedal Train and other similar boards.

Still features a Rocker Switch on/off instead of having to pull the power cord out as is the case on most units.

Check out specs against Voodoo Lab and others..... great price!

This is not some little power plant that takes an Adapter to run itself. This is serious unit that features an exceptional Transformer inside, a great build and killer good looks as well. A full metal casing and you won't find a fully Isolated unit that delivers for this price! 

Power rating is switchable for International use:


The Rifftone Performer 2 features true isolated performance and each output is completely isolated, highly filtered and regulated to insure reliable operation..... free of hum and noise.  

The Rifftone RT-12 includes two high current outputs of 300mA, capable of properly powering newer high power effects such as Line 6 modelers, TC Electronic Nova pedals. It also features two variable voltage outputs to simulate worn batteries if desired. Using an optional voltage double cable, you can power many other 18V and 24V effects as well.

*** Please note**** As with any power supply, always check the "exact" power rating and voltage requirement of your specific effects "before" introducing it to the RT-12.   

Features at a Glance:

(1)8 outlets configured in 8 isolated sections.
(2) Quality internal R type transformer with isolation.
(3)Two SAG controls ,output Jack 7 and 8 are controls to vary the voltage from 4V to 9V
(4)Two 9 and 12V 300mA  available (via Dip-switch control)
(5) Short circuit protection of all outlets
(6) 115 or 230V mains voltage operation for International use.
(7) Durable steel enclosure with Rocker switch on/off.
(8) Dimensions : 6 1/4 " W x 1 3/4" H x 3 1/2" D  ****(Suitable for Pedal train pedal board etc.) ****

 Weight: 1 lb. 15 oz. 

Excellent power brick at a great price!

Full one year warranty directly from Earth City Sound.