Welcome to Rifftonefx.

 Here at Rifftonefx, we strive to offer quality gear at a great price for both the active musician as well as anyone interested in guitar related items. You will see more offerings coming up soon, so stay tuned and check back often.

Our official Dealer in the United States is The Earth City Sound Co.  which has a proven track record of providing great one to one service to customers, both before and after any sale.

With both stores on Ebay and Amazon and with more buying outlets on the way, we feel confident they will provide a fast safe ship on any Rifftone item.

Our first item is the RT-10 "Performer" Power Block. A fully isolated and regulated power supply to keep your power hungry effects fed with stable power. All at a price that others cannot match for a fully isolated unit. As it is power switchable, the unit can be directly used with 240V power for all our International customers.

Please view the page for full specs on the new RT-10 Performer Power Block. 

We are proud now to introduce our newest entry in the Rifftone line for 2014, the Mantra BBD Analog Delay. A true BBD Delay with a tonal respone that only BBD construction can provide.

Check out more specs on the next page !